Unitri 300 steroid

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Sorry jDizzle ... U r going to be very dissapointed
I made the same mistake
Read below for detailed earlier posts by me
The RAM line is total bunk not just 'low dosed'
Bunited line bunk too
Lets put it this way
Every 5 days i was shooting 800 mg of ram teste bunited sust and bunited cyp(total mix of the three)
AND 500 mg qv equipoise and 300mg deca
Guess what? I am making gains like a natural bodybuilder
I am not a 'hater'
I am a 45 year old very experienced bb'er who got ripped
Off by g to the tune of $2000
I will post more later
Including some shocking quotes from emails with g
I made a positive post earlier cuz i thought he was going to make good
But he dragged me along like a rag doll
And i was wrong to give him benefit of the doubt

Unitri 300 steroid

unitri 300 steroid