Recomp steroid cycle

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I was using 100 mg of ace ED and got a bit of lactation. Started taking p5p which is vit b6 extract and it fixed me right up without having to take caber/prami. I think with under 400mg tren you could easily take like 100-150mg p5p and be good. I used a low test dosage of 280 test p but next time I might actually do 140 test a week because I feel the tren really does the work and with low test you don't have to worry about bloat, e2 and plus prolactin/prog sides feed off e2 so if that's in check you're pretty good. If your doing ace I would definitely recommend pinning ED instead of EOD btw. Tren is pretty much the only compound I'm going to use for blasting because it's so versatile and matches my goals. I'm just going to be on constant 175mg test e year round then whenever I want to blast I'll throw in tren e at 500-750 and get the size, dryness, vascularity and strength. The only mistake I'd say I made that I won't make again is cutting on tren. It's a waste of money and tren unless your pre competition or something. From now on I'm only going to cut on a cruise dose of test because if your diet and training are on point you shouldn't lose any muscle unless you're a hulking beast. That way I can use all my blasts to pack on size and really let the tren shine. The only benefit of cutting on tren was gaining strength while losing weight on a defeciet but I'm not really concerned with strength so from now on cruise dose test cuts only.

Recomp steroid cycle

recomp steroid cycle


recomp steroid cyclerecomp steroid cyclerecomp steroid cyclerecomp steroid cycle