Quinbolone anabolicum vister

Quinbolone itself has very few androgenic effects, and most of what it does have are a result of its conversion to boldenone and its metabolites . Because of high doses necessary for androgenic effects, cost and inconvenience meant that quinbolone never proved to be commercially successful, and its clinical applications were fulfilled by alternative, more effective, steroids. Its illicit usage in bodybuilding and athletics likewise proved limited, though drug tests are still used to detect its metabolites as it remains a banned substance for most competitive sports.

Anabolicum vister is an oral steroid produced only in Italy. It is administered in an unusual form since it is either taken as a capsule or in drops. The latter type of administration is not used by athletes. In schools of medicine Anabolicum vister is used primarily in treating of the elderly, in particular women after menopause, and for the treatment of general diseases and symptoms of old age. This is due to the fact that Anabolicum vister is a very weak androgenic steroid. Anabolicum vister is a very weak steroid, which does not help athletes achieve significant improvements. As with all steroids common side effects in men include pain in the nipples and breast swelling (gynocomastia), etc.   Get Your
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Quinbolone anabolicum vister

quinbolone anabolicum vister


quinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum vister