Natural steroids eczema

Steroids killed nine-year-old Lexie McConnell after only five and a half weeks. In August 1993, Lexie was diagnosed as having toxoplasmosis. The consultant put her on 80 mg per day of prednisolone. Immediately, she suffered severe side effects, huge weight gain , terrible pains, holes in her tongue and black stools. After nearly a month, at her parents' pleading, the doctors quickly lowered the dosage to 60 mg, 40 mg, 20 mg. In excruciating pain, Lexie was taken to a hospital, where it was discovered she'd contracted chickenpox. Four days later, she died. A few years later, another eye specialist declared that a simple course of antibiotics could have cleared up her infection. The above excerpt is from Ursula Kelly's site

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I have a 12 yr. old grandson with eczema on both hands. his hands are so dry and red and the knuckles are cracked. i used my wheatgrass on his hands. it was amazing to watch the liquid just absorb into his skin in a second. i sprayed his hands again and again until the moisture did not immediately absorb into his skin. then i put a moisturizer on his hands and then put his hands into socks for the night. it took several days, but by the end of the week his hands were as smooth and clear as mine and they remain so. what a Godsend this product is!

Natural steroids eczema

natural steroids eczema


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