Mixing prohormones and steroids

Why is”520″ is so special?
Hydrolyzed 520 is an awesome product. Drinking the powder the peptides are actually by-passing the stomach and are being absorbed right through the small intestine and into the blood stream. Up to 80% of whey peptides can pass quickly through the stomach intact to be absorbed by the lower intestines. Small di-and tri-peptides are also absorbed faster than free-form amino acids. Regular whey protein has to be broken down into these peptides compared to the 520 which is already in a partial digestive state. What does this mean for muscle growth? The faster amino acids are absorbed, the faster protein synthesis can take place and an positive nitrogen state develops creating an anabolic condition.

Truth: News flash: no form of creatine has been proven in published studies to work better than plain old creatine monohydrate powder. Whether you're spending your extra dollar on effervescent, liquid or chewable creatine, the most important consideration is the creatine. And whether you decide to splurge and buy creatine citrate or creatine phosphate remember one thing: the major clinical studies have been performed on plain creatine monohydrate powder. Numerous studies have also shown that creatine powder is easily assimilated by the body. So unless you've got money to burn, stick with creatine monohydrate powder. Products such as effervescent creatine or creatine chewables offer convenience and a novel way to take plain old creatine powder. For real value, there's no better choice than powder.

Mixing prohormones and steroids

mixing prohormones and steroids


mixing prohormones and steroidsmixing prohormones and steroidsmixing prohormones and steroidsmixing prohormones and steroidsmixing prohormones and steroids