Keloid steroid injection cpt code

Keloids can develop following the minor injuries that occur with body piercing. Since this form of physical adornment has become popular, the presence of keloidal scarring is much more prevalent. Since doctors do not understand the precise reasons why some people are more prone to developing keloids, it is impossible to predict whether piercing will lead to keloid formation. Although there are some families that seem prone to forming keloids, for the most part, it's impossible to tell who will develop a keloid. One person might, for instance, develop a keloid in one earlobe after piercing and not in the other. It makes sense, however, for someone who has formed one keloid to avoid any elective surgery or piercing of any body part.

Cortisone injection, in my practice, is used for hypertrophic or keloid scarring and reduction in inflammation. These type of scars are indicative of over-stimulation of collagen.  Cortisone is injected to slow collenogenesis and decrease inflammation.  A decline in reddness is also noted if discoloraton has occurred.  The area injected may be swollen for a few minutes.  Following the initial edema and absorption of the fluid, the tissue should not be more swollen than pre-injection.  After a few days, the inflammation for which one is treating, should begin to diminish.  Results are exptected to last weeks, or hopefully forever.

Cost for keloid scar removal varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon the size(s) and location(s) on the body. Some patients may have one small ear keloid while other patients have numerous keloids. Some have scars, which are quite large, disfiguring and painful on either their face or body, or both. When consulting with Dr. Slupchynskyj, he will examine all keloids carefully; review your medical history as well as any previous treatment with another doctor. All scar treatment options will be discussed. Pre- and post-operative plans will be reviewed in depth. Following your consultation, a specific fee based upon your unique needs will be discussed.

Keloid steroid injection cpt code

keloid steroid injection cpt code


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