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Whatever the truth is, whatever the reason it, you re all sad , pathetic individuals! How fking disrespectul to talk about a person who just died!!! I hope u all go through same pain one day, to feel the pain this woman feels, to have the ones u love passed away and then everyone around u to talk all kinda shit about her/him. U all deserve that and fact that u cannot keep ur mouth shut in respect for HIS FAMILY at least shows what kind of empty souls u all are. EVERYONE IS FREE TO DO THEIR OWN WAY, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE ??? OR U ALL PERFECT NATION AND LIVE A PERFECT LIFE? HE , THE ONE WHO POINTS IS THE ONE TO BLAME, U IDIOTS! One day u ll be old and sad, and realise whats important in this life or not. This world has gone too far, all u need is an apocalipse to wash all the dirt away!

Johnny Bravo is sweet and friendly 5-month-old Shepherd mix pup that suffered a degloving injury to his front leg after being hit by a car. The folks at the Salinas Shelter contacted us to see if we could provide the medical care he needed. Johnny is currently at our AFRP Vet Clinic and is a charming boy who tolerates his daily bandage changes very nicely. He's on pain medication and is expected to make a full recovery. Johnny Bravo will be available for adoption once his wound has healed. Thanks for donating towards his medical expenses!

Hit richards steroids

hit richards steroids


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