Hannibal barstarzz steroids

Hannibal doesn’t use weights, and eats what he wants. The junk food helps motivate him to get back out there and burn it off. He works out multiple times per day for two hour sessions. He also doesn’t use roids or any of those shortcuts that body builders and pro athletes use... he doesn’t cheat like they do. He has been at it for nearly two decades. Take a look at the guy and you will see there is no substitute for hard work and time put in. He also says that the results of calesthenics last longer and your body adapts to it that is why he is able to work out every day, even the same muscle groups. I believe it will take longer to get results but the results are better in the long run if you keep at it. I have lost all respect for pro athletes especially baseball and football players because the vast majority are juicers. Same for body builders. So Hannibal has all my respect, he is all natural and the result of hard work.

Hannibal barstarzz steroids

hannibal barstarzz steroids


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