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Great read! I eat mainly tofu, beans and eggs as my protein sources (preference) but I do include some fish. Don’t eat dairy due to intolerance either. I’m currently not training due to an op but was wondering if your meal plans can be catered to the type of food I like etc? I currently need to shed body fat since my last meal plan I was given meant I kept my muscle but couldn’t shift the fat, so my legs muscles etc are just covered in fat and no definition at all. I could do with the guidence so I don’t put on weight while unable to train. Is the meal plan you do possible with no training at the moment?

The Bulgarian Method is one of the few methods out there that I will actually criticize for being too specific . Now you might be confused at the idea that a methodology could be too specific. Let me explain the concept of diminishing marginal returns.
The law of accommodation states that the more often you are exposed to a given stimulus, the more the adaptive response to that stimulus is blunted. This applies heavily to movement selection and, to a lesser extent, training intensity.
On the Bulgarian Method, the original version anyways, you’re never doing more than a handful of exercises and you’re almost always performing them for singles. Let’s make up some numbers to illustrate diminishing marginal returns.
Let’s say the first back squat workout you do in a week will produce 100% returns on your training investment. The second back squat workout, due to accommodation, might only give you 80% return. The third might give 60%, the fourth might give 40%, and so on and so forth. Now, a squatting variation, such as paused squats, might only give 75% return on training investment because it isn’t as specific as doing an actual back squat. However, if you’ve already performed three back squat workouts that week, and the returns have diminished marginally, you might actually benefit more from doing a variation even though that variation is less specific. 75% is greater than 60%. In this manner, you can easily be too specific with your movement selection in terms of overall training economy.
From a more philosophical perspective, the other big complaint about the Bulgarian Method for powerlifting is that you are treading untraveled waters for the most part. The Bulgarian Method was tested and developed for Olympic weightlifting. The sports have very different demands, ideal athlete phenotypes, and support networks. If you decide to do this method for powerlifting, you have very, very few resources to draw upon. You’ll have to figure out most of it for yourself.
That’s not necessarily a drawback, but it is a major consideration. Using the Bulgarian Method for powerlifting is still in its infancy and can undoubtedly be greatly improved. Other methods for powerlifting are far more developed and offer less chance of error and stagnation.

Greg nuckols steroids

greg nuckols steroids


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