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GaudiLabs joined the “How to grow (almost) anything” program, directed by George Church, professor of Genetics at Harvard medical school. The pilot class is based on a distributed educational model with FabLabs and Hackerspaces around the world. We try to combine knowledge on bio-engineering and nano-technology with the creative and hand’s on biohacking approach. Topics include DNA Nanostructures, Darwin on steroids, 3D Bioprinting, Engineering the Human Microbiome and many more . Let’s grow it. Here you find our project page .

Hello Dr Dressler,
I was online doing some research on an issue my dog is having. Here it is.
I was just at my vets office in Wed with one of my working dogs. I had noticed some blood droplets prior. She did a rectal on him to only feel a “lump” on his prostate. We put him on Cipr 250mg’s BID. He will be 7 in May. He is also a GSD approx 92#’s. Not sure what onfo you need. I have also contacted a Repo Specialists and bringing him in next week for exam. Any thoughts? I am very concerned and not ready to loose this dog especially just yet. The Dr I am going to go see is Dr Jane Barber in NC. I am very concerned.

Geneva labs steroids

geneva labs steroids


geneva labs steroidsgeneva labs steroidsgeneva labs steroids