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Only ’80s kids remember watching in horror in classrooms across the United States on January 28, 1986, as the space shuttle Challenger exploded a little over a minute after take-off, killing its seven passengers — including school teacher Christa McAuliffe. Then, less than two months later, many of them watched that tragedy recreated on an episode of  Punky Brewster . Delivering a class presentation on what she wants to be when she grows up, Punky enthuses about her future as an astronaut, encouraging her teacher to show the Challenger launch live in class. The disaster, which prompted a presidential commission inquiry that exposed shortcomings in NASA’s safety procedures, also causes Punky to second-guess her career aspirations.

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Unfortunately, the show was expensive to maintain, and the ratings weren’t high enough to justify the cost. The 1994 finale, “Changing Nature,” which is heavy on environmentalism, gave the series a satisfying (if not happy) ending. Earl’s company screws up the ecosystem, and Earl’s attempt to fix it goes so horribly wrong that he ends up bringing on the ice age that presumably killed all the dinosaurs. In the show’s final moments, the entire earth is covered in ice as the family members sit together in their house, waiting to freeze to death. It’s the most traumatizing and devastating sitcom finale I’ve ever seen. For four seasons,  Dinosaurs  was the most unique program that television had to offer, and a flawless parody of family-oriented shows. In the 20 years since it ended, we’ve still seen nothing like it.

Dinosaurs tv show robbie steroids

dinosaurs tv show robbie steroids


dinosaurs tv show robbie steroidsdinosaurs tv show robbie steroidsdinosaurs tv show robbie steroidsdinosaurs tv show robbie steroidsdinosaurs tv show robbie steroids