Difference between steroid and nonsteroid

I have made a few typos in my last post. I want to clarify that humans would not be able to know much of anything if all things like KNOWLEDGE was subjective. Education therefore would be a joke or just entertainment to keep one busy. Your reasoning was NOT valid nor was your reasoning sound. You mistakenly think all reasoning is LOGIC. This is not true at all. Where did you get that from in the first place? Again you confuse Psychology with Philosophy as if they are the same thing. There are MANY types of reasoning — not just one or two. All types of reasoning are NOT related to the academic subject of Logic at all. The academic subject of Logic actually has a curriculum like any other subject like Medicine, Law, Accounting, Biology,etc. You seem to think because you are human you are logical magically? Well why can’t I be a lawyer automatically without going to Law School? You have issues with your assumptions and thinking. Your reasoning is NOT logical, but emotional. You were correct about Science – that it is not objective. However, you couldn’t justify why to the other people. This means you need more time to think about the things you are attempting. Concepts might seem easy but if you do so seriously you will see they can be quite difficult. You r view of language probably needs to change because that is subjective. You take it as an absolute by defining words which you the subjective guy should not be doing at all. Objective truths are absolutes — there is no such thing as a real exception. An exception would prove a claim incorrect. People use the term as a shortcut to save time or they are lazy or too arrogant to take the time to explain things they way they should. Sciences require experiments. This is why they can never be absolute and objective. I do not need to put my dog under any experiment to find out if she is an animal. This is a neccessary truth that requires no science or experiment.

I have just bought 2 fords n tractors in france were I live 1 n9 and 1 n8 the n9 has had a modification in 1965 as the log book says the mod is a 2 cylinder diesel it fits like a glove with no cuts of bangs or welds I can see the motor had not run for 10 years and with clean fuel and a battery started the tractor drives grate pulls well could any one tell me if they have seen this modification to a ford n9 before and shed any light on its motor I have pics if any one is interested please let me no would be happy to send pictures of her many thank david young

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Difference between steroid and nonsteroid

difference between steroid and nonsteroid


difference between steroid and nonsteroiddifference between steroid and nonsteroiddifference between steroid and nonsteroiddifference between steroid and nonsteroiddifference between steroid and nonsteroid