Deaths attributed to steroid use

In the list following are 38 people whose deaths are directly attributable to the Chernobyl disaster. Of these, two died at the scene, four died in a single helicopter accident, 29 died within a few months of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) and three died later, perhaps from medical complications probably [ dubious – discuss ] caused by the accident. One was a cinematographer, one a physician, five military personnel (four in a single helicopter), seven firefighters, two security guards and the rest staff at the power plant or subcontractors. At least one other person is reported to have died of a coronary thrombosis at the scene, and nine children are reported to have died of thyroid cancer (in 2005 that number was raised to 15 [9] ), but identifications are not known. No members of the general public were hospitalized in the month following the accident, [10] though a pair of fishermen, Pustavoit and Protasov, reportedly received 400 REM doses. [11] There were a total of 137 confirmed cases of ARS, including Pyotr Palamarchuk who survived after a reported exposure to 800 roentgens, twice the usual death dose. [12]

According to the article, violence was responsible for most of the extra deaths whether or not the Fallujah data was excluded. Coalition airstrikes would be the main cause of these violent deaths if Fallujah data were included. The study makes the controversial conclusion that: "Violent deaths were widespread, reported in 15 of 33 clusters, and were mainly attributed to coalition forces." and "Violence accounted for most of the excess deaths and air strikes from coalition forces accounted for most violent deaths." The study estimates that the risk of death specifically from violence in Iraq during the period after the invasion was approximately 58 times higher than in the period before the war, with the CI95 being -419, meaning that there is a % chance that the risk of death from violence after the invasion is at least times higher than it was before. Newsday reported:

Deaths attributed to steroid use

deaths attributed to steroid use


deaths attributed to steroid usedeaths attributed to steroid usedeaths attributed to steroid usedeaths attributed to steroid usedeaths attributed to steroid use