Crema steroidea per dermatite

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July-August 1999
Department of Dermatology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston Salem, NC (USA) – Advisor: Joseph Jorizzo, MD
April-August 2004
Department of Dermatology, Sophia Children’s Hospital (Erasmus University MC), Rotterdam (NL) – Advisor: Arnold Oranje, MD
November 2005-September 2006
Department of Dermatology, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège (B)
Advisor: Bertrand Richert, MD
July 2016
Department of Dermatology, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City, NY (USA) – Advisor: Shari Lipner, MD

Crema steroidea per dermatite

crema steroidea per dermatite


crema steroidea per dermatitecrema steroidea per dermatitecrema steroidea per dermatitecrema steroidea per dermatitecrema steroidea per dermatite