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Rhonda was an age group swimmer in Columbus, Ohio.  She joined The Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio in 2006 as an assistant coach and became a head level age group coach in 2007.  She has assisted in coaching nationally ranked swimmers, led start, finish and turn camps and all stroke camps for Central Ohio swimmers.  She remained with GCSTO until her move to Wilmington in March, 2016 and joined Waves of Wilmington in June.

Rhonda has two grown children, Dustin and Courtney. They both were age group swimmers for GCSTO and her son swam for The University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Dustin is in Grad school pursuing a PsyD in psychology and her daughter is in school pursuing a degree in Dentistry.

In Rhonda's spare time you will either find her at her niece or nephew's sporting events or on the BEACH!

DSA ’s swims take place just two and a half hours north of Sydney in the open ocean outside the spectacular heads of Port Stephens, using the beautiful Imagine Cruises catamaran as the platform. Guests are fitted with wetsuit, mask, snorkel and marine vest, and attached safely to a rope strung between the bows of the catamaran. They are then immersed in the breathtaking world of bow-surfing dolphins and pulled gently through the water so that they feel like part of the pod! The curious dolphins swim back and forth between the bows, whistling and clicking, clearly fascinated with watching the humans watching them!

In early May 2016, the IUCN SSC – Cetacean Specialist Group reported that the vaquita population had dipped to around 60 remaining individuals in 2015. This represents a 92% decline from the 1997 population level. In March 2016 alone, at least three vaquitas drowned after being entangled in gillnets set for totoaba. [6] The report concluded that the gillnet ban would need to be extended indefinitely, with more effective enforcement, if the vaquita is to have any chance of long term survival. Otherwise, the species is likely to become extinct within 5 years. [6]

Chinese swim team steroids 2012

chinese swim team steroids 2012


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