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Between the cost of our 5+ year, unsuccessful Supreme Court challenge for all federal cannabis patient rights to tax-free medicine and the fact that any cannabis purchases are so widely available now, none of that profit that once went toward patient care in our wellness centre comes to us anymore. These two major factors hinder our ability to offer generous subsidies to those most in need, meaning the very real potential threat to closing our doors permanently. So we have to pinch our pennies and make hard decisions around which choices will benefit our members most. Our compassion for cannabis patient care clearly extends beyond our business bottom line and now we are asking for space at the bottom of your heart!

No other group of individuals has collectively worked for as long or as hard as we have in advocating for federally legal cannabis patient rights to safe, clean, tax-free medicine that can be accessed with dignity and respect — which is why, now more than ever we need your continued loyalty & support of our dispensary to keep our doors open!

By the 1920’s however, missionary activities began to make some progress among the indigenous citizens of Abakaliki clans. As we are already aware, the Christian missions were responsible for the introduction of western education in Abakaliki district and Izzi local government in particular. The Christian missions could not carry out effectively the business of teaching the people the gospel of Christ without first of all teaching them how to read and write. The Roman catholic mission started this work in Abakaliki district with the establishment of the Iboko in Izzi), Ajaga, Amagu (Ezza), Ibudu (Ikwo) and Akataka mission school in the year 1922, under Evang. Groetz who was the manager of the Roman catholic mission schools, Ogoja4.

British dispensary androlic oxymetholone

british dispensary androlic oxymetholone


british dispensary androlic oxymetholonebritish dispensary androlic oxymetholonebritish dispensary androlic oxymetholonebritish dispensary androlic oxymetholonebritish dispensary androlic oxymetholone