Bilateral adrenalectomy steroids

Clinically defined remission was reported in most of the studies with remission rates > 95% after BADx. However, criteria for clinically defined remission were not specified in most of the studies. Seven studies with 195 patients (50% CD, 44% ECS, 6% BAH) explored the effect of BADx on specific symptoms and comorbidities of CS ( Table 2 ). All studies showed at least partial remission of symptoms. Muscular weakness improved in 93% (62–100), phenotypic stigmata in 77% (65–100), arterial hypertension in 80% (64–93), and diabetes mellitus in 75% (29–100) of the affected patients. Patients with obesity experienced weight loss in 79% (35–100) of the cases, emotional stability improved in 86% (0–100) of the patients, and menstrual cycle improved in 75% (33–81) of the women with menstrual irregularity. After BADx, fatigue was still present in 30% (15–61) of patients interviewed in five studies (201 patients; 54% CD, 26% ECS, 16% BAH) ( 20 , 22 , 31 – 33 ). Similar numbers were observed in three studies with 109 patients (64% CD, 17% ECS, 18% BAH) showing impaired work capability for 27% of patients with CS after BADx ( 18 , 31 , 34 ). Patients with CS are at high risk for thromboembolic events due to glucocorticoid-induced hypercoagulability. A total of 15 studies with 567 patients reported 17 thromboembolic events (3%) after adrenalectomy during the period of follow-up, which translated into thromboembolic events per 1000 patient-years.

The recovery at home was very easy, I was only off work for a few days, just to gain my strength back and make sure everything was indeed okay. My post-op bloodwork showed a significant drop in ACTH levels indicating that the surgery was indeed successful. My post-op MRI looked great as well, no signs of tumor. Of course, we can’t be 100% sure that the tumor is completely gone, and that it won’t grow back, but that is what we will hope for. In the meantime, I am so happy, healthy, and grateful to be alive and enjoying life. I will not live each day worrying about what could happen, I’d rather focus on everything good I have right now. …and I’d say, that’s a lot!

Bilateral adrenalectomy steroids

bilateral adrenalectomy steroids


bilateral adrenalectomy steroidsbilateral adrenalectomy steroidsbilateral adrenalectomy steroidsbilateral adrenalectomy steroidsbilateral adrenalectomy steroids