Aural haematoma dog steroid

Surgical repair is often considered the most effective treatment for ear hematomas. While under anesthesia, an incision is made along the length of the hematoma on the inner surface of the ear. After the fluid and blood clots are removed, the inner surface of the ear is tacked down to the outer surface of the ear with sutures. The sutures hold the inner and outer surfaces against each other so that when scar tissue forms, the two surfaces are smooth and not lumpy. The sutures generally stay in place for a few weeks while the incision is left open so that fluid will continue to drain as the ear heals. Eventually, the incision will heal on its own.

The simplest and cheapest treatment for a hematoma involves your vet's syringing out, or aspirating, the fluid in the hematoma. She might then inject a steroid into the ear and prescribe medication to combat infection. One week later, your vet repeats the process. If the second treatment doesn't work, the vet may advise surgically correcting the hematoma. In larger dogs with hematomas, one alternative is placing a drain in the ear flap. This allows the fluid to drain continuously for a week or more rather than fill again rapidly as often occurs with aspiration. The ear must be big enough to accommodate the drain and the dog willing to put up with it.

The Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage is a revolutionary alternative for head and ear bandaging.  Its compressive quality prevents damage to the ear during head shaking.  It can also reduce head shaking and the mess associated with the application of ear medications.  Using the bandage during feeding can eliminate ear infections associated with food debris entering the ears as well as reducing grooming needs.  The Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage slips on and VELCRO® Brand fasteners provide secure adjustments just in front and behind the ears.

Aural haematoma dog steroid

aural haematoma dog steroid


aural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroidaural haematoma dog steroid