Asthma treatment inhaled steroids

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  1. Masood says: August 7, 2011 at 1:22 pm Sir
    i am 34 yrs old and diagnosed with bronchial asthma in 1997 at safdarjung hospital, delhi. In first year after attack i was injected with some medication at cghs dispensary and afterwards prescribed asthalin but that didnt work then changed to aerocort inhaler with cetrizine, deriphyllin 150 mg, becosules for september, october, november every year since then till 2005. Then i have pneumonia in 2009. In 2010 again i have breathing problem i consulted a chest specialist, for october suggested earlier treatment then changed to budecort and becozinc for next 2 months, i was okay. Now this year july last week flu, cough problem trigger: smoke from frying masala. First week of august breathlessness and coughing occurs around night and morning without any trigger using dry cough syrup as prescribed at suggest what should i do…

    Asthmatic syndrome that develops in asthma is characterized by attacks of breathlessness, which often develop suddenly and at night. Patients may call the hour and minute of the beginning of the attack. The first harbingers of attack may be sore throat, cough, runny nose, itchy skin. After a short time the patient feels a lack of air. Breathing becomes increasingly difficult, while difficult to exhale, which is accompanied by loud wheezing. Soon after (that happens quite often) joins a cough with a small amount allocated to viscous sputum.

    Asthma treatment inhaled steroids

    asthma treatment inhaled steroids


    asthma treatment inhaled steroidsasthma treatment inhaled steroidsasthma treatment inhaled steroidsasthma treatment inhaled steroidsasthma treatment inhaled steroids